Frau Midi Long time ago I had proposed to merge Haitian...

Kamoken - December 18 2010, 9:43 AM

Frau Midi
Long time ago I had proposed to merge Haitian Creole, Martinique Creole, Guadeloupe Creole and St Lucia Creole into one Karibic Language, I remember until now how much I was laughed at for that. I do not have any problem with having Creole as our only Official Language but mon contentieux c'est avec quel Creole.

Being isolated, black, suspicious and kind of hard among ourselves to reach consensus and compromise on principles, we must ask ourselves what is the best way to educate our future generation.

How can we improve our level of Alphabetisation or education?

How can we maintain good cultural and scientific cooperation with our neighbours in the Karibic.

As I told you I am living in a Scandinavian Country with a backward language...hard to pronounce and sometimes quite even funny but still they manage all of them to be ahead technologically, scientifically with advance software tech, sound mechanical design in weaponry and automobiles, agricultural and so on....That means the problem is not the language but the will to educate their population.

We can do it also and I dont care whether it is in Spanish, Swahili, Patois, Papamiento.

We are the most capable Niggers in the world and we just need good Leadership and here we go

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