I believe the way the situation is now. We cannot accept the...

William Jusme - December 16 2010, 10:49 AM

I believe the way the situation is now. We cannot accept the fact that only Mrs. Manigat and Jude Celestin to go on the final tour. We all know there was irregularity in the election of Nov 28, 2010 in Haiti.

The question is now how do we bring a mechanic in place where everybody participates for a second time. The proposition of Mr. Martelly could be a good one but, there is a great chance that Jude Celestin will win again.

The best way to curb Jude Celestin is that all the rest candidates to form a coalition and send one of these four: Mrs. Manigat, Mr. Marteley, Mr. Baker and Mr. Ceant one of these four against Jude. If we can do that, there will be a greater chance that Jude Celestin will not become the next president.

The people do not want Jude Celestin Period.

The funny thing is the man is talking about unity, patriotic, but yet, he will not give his country a chance.

If we want peace in Haiti, all Mr. Jude Celestin has to do at this point is to quit his aspiration for president of Haiti in this crucial moment.

He is young.

He will be perceived as someone who protects his country in time of chaos.

Hopefully, next time, he will have a chance.

Mr. Celestin needs to do what is right for Haiti at these critical times.

Haitians will not accept Jude Celestin as the next president because they know what is going on. Not these times.

Please Mr. Celestin: do your people and your country a favor.

It will look so much better for you.

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