Am I missing something here? Martelly says he's not going for...

From The Other Side Of The World - December 12 2010, 6:47 PM

Am I missing something here?

Martelly says he's not going for 2nd round even if he is offered this chance by officials.

So why on earth would Preval attempt to put obstacles on Martelly's campaign NOW?

Why not try and block Manigat's way instead?

Fighting an opponent who is not a threat anymore, is making him (Martelly) a hero to people's eyes. Why would Preval want that?

One possible explanation is that he wants anti-Celestin voters think that since Martelly is the real hero (as Preval seems to be afraid of him even he is not going for round 2), then, by comparison, Manigat is not as important a figure and would make no big difference voting for her. Abstention of possible Manigat voters would then, obviously, favor Celestin.

Another possibility is that Martelly's "glorification" as a result of Preval's action against him, serves as a means to absorb people's dissatisfaction in a way which is safer for the system as a whole, than, say, reorganization and triumphant return of Fanmi Lavalas within the next couple of years.

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