If there was an "ELECTION" in Haiti, there would not be a...

Ricky - December 9 2010, 9:05 PM

If there was an "ELECTION" in Haiti, there would not be a run-off. We would not be talking about Jude Celestin.

We would have a president-elect, Dr Mirlande Manigat witing to be inaugurated.

It's very unfortunate we had a "SELECTION".

Preval and the CEP, fraudulently, picked Jude Celestin to continue his corruption.

Jude Celestin is incompetent' like Preval was, stupide, ignorant.

Preval should be trialed and sent to prison for life. Jude Celestin has 7 kids with 7 different mothers.

Haiti has enough of these ignorants.

He is a curse for the the country.

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