Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat - Haiti Election 2010 Is Going To Round 2

The Haiti Election 2010 results are in... There will be a round 2 for the Haiti presidential election and it is between Jude Celestin and Mirlande Manigat... Candidate Michel Martelly lost to Jude Celestin by less than one percentage point...

Here are the results of the votes for the top three candidates as reported by Haiti's electoral council (CEP):

  • Mirlande Manigat received 336,878 votes (31.37%)
  • Jude Celestin received 241,462 votes (22.48%)
  • Michel Martelly received 234,617 votes (21.84%)

The good OR Bad news is...

These are the PRELIMINARY results, the complete results will be announced on December 20th!

Note also...

Michel Martelly said that he would contest the elections even if it was a Martelly-Celestin second round...

Celestin is in... Martelly is out... By less than ONE percent!

How will Haiti wake up tomorrow? I guess we will find out!

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Marvin says...

Haiti needs a wake up calls.

For this round two we need to vote for the future of this poor country.

We need to keep protesting against President Preval old politic.

Where are my 1986,1991,1994,2004's Haitian brothers and sisters, where are you guys we need to stand up to fight and we are not going to give up this

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Ricky says...

If there was an "ELECTION" in Haiti, there would not be a run-off. We would not be talking about Jude Celestin.

We would have a president-elect, Dr Mirlande Manigat witing to be inaugurated.

It's very unfortunate we had a "SELECTION".

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Sophia says...

Manigat presidente pour la vie. a vie a

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Pierre says...

Y'a pas'le choix du peuple aux elections, plutot le candidat charismatic deja choisit par les grands multinationaux, pret a negocier le "K.O" final de cette pauvre nation.

De ce fait l'individu a minimum intelligence, bestial, incerveler acceptera cette position de guignol baser sur la corruption pour vendre son pays bordel a ciel ouvert.

C la realite qui se'dit pas dans les

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Ericka says...

man, they knew wat they did with the people's votes.

thats not who they voted

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Nadege says...

Jude Celestin equal Mirlande Manigat are both the same species; President Preval's vomit.

Wake up Haitians! Haiti does not need a Mambo who will be welcoming the same old principalities of darkness in the white house; we've had enough of them, and that's why our Country and our people are so oppressed.

We don't need to incite the judgment of God on us, but rather His grace, compassion, healing and restoration.

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Jo says...

they all are the

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Big Dada says...

il y a trop de criminels en haiti, trop de stupides, trop de ignorants, trop d'illetres, trop de corruption, trop de haisseurs, trop de malfaiteurs, trop de patripoches, trop d'imbeciles sur cette terre d'haiti.Preval + CEP = ignorants et sans pudeur.

Ils meritent d'etre emprissones a l'instant meme ou ils commisent ces malhonnetes actions.

c'est parce qu'il n'y a pas de justice dans cet enfer

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Samba says...


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Joanel Aka K.p.s says...

when you don't know nuthing just dn't say cause the president prevan try is best but we when i said "we" i mean all haitien who don't want haiti change and all we think just bruning anything in this country we was buld and we keep said we wanna change haiti but we never dat.if we keep make fire burning karocho do u think that is the change ...

nop is not a change for me or

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