This election is clearly exposed as fraud. The people knows...

Haitian Man - December 9 2010, 11:24 AM

This election is clearly exposed as fraud.

The people knows it, Preval admitted it and the international community witnessed it. But I don't aggree with the burning of political party's property.

We, as a nation, need to learn to resolve our issues in a civil manner.

Thank about it, the UNITE Party does not only represent Preval and Celestin.

What about the people who actually cast their votes for the parties mominees?

don't their votes matter?

It's their choice to join one political party or another.

Attacking the party's building is an attack on all the citizens who join the Party.

If Repons Peyizan or any other party wants to bring real changes to the country they have to start by respecting everyone's choices.They don't have to destroy private or public property because another party commit election fraud.

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