For your information it's not michel martelly who's claiming...

Abel Faroul - December 1 2010, 4:14 AM

For your information it's not michel martelly who's claiming victory, its the haitian people who said they won the election on nov 28.

Martelly he's not a winner, The Haitian people is, michel martelly is the president.

Preval and celestin denied wyclef's candidacy the haitian people denied theirs, so what.

Every power come from the people and for the people.

Rene preval and jude celestin I 3 words for you.

Go to hell.

The money jude celestin spending on the campaign could build houses for more than 8000 people who still living under these tents for almost a year.

I want michel martelly to be the next president because he's the guy the haitian people want.

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