I have found info about him many different places. Miami...

Alister Wm Macintyre - November 27 2010, 7:20 AM

I have found info about him many different places.

* Miami Herald
* Haiti Libre
* Defend Haiti on Facebook
* A day in the life

I do not know how accurate all of this is.

Democratic Youth Movement Haitian (MODEJHA) Senator for the West Department.

He is noted in an article about minimum wage debate in Haiti.

According to Defend Haiti on Facebook, Haiti Libre is reporting that Presidential Candidate Jean Hector Anacacis of the Democratic Movement of Young Haitians (MODEJHA) party if elected to the highest seat in the nation, as president, would reinstitute the Haitian Army.

Many people unhappy with the UN military in Haiti might prefer Haitians to police Haitians, although there's a cost for this, which is now being provided by the international community.

Senator Anacacis has never been shy about siding with controversial issues.

As a member of the legislative branch he has been considered among colleagues as being very critical of the executive branch administered by President Rene Preval.

He openly took the side of Fanmi Lavalas, the banned political party of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, criticizing and proclaiming that he does not share the positions or actions of Preval's government and the CEP in regards to a fair election process.

Adding controversy, in international politics, Anacacis says he seeks a closer relationship with UNASAR, the Union of South American Nations, and CARICOM (not so controversial).

UNASAR can be described as the antithesis of North American ideals, mainly the United States, and are lead by countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Anacacis seeks to grow South American and Latin American relationships, regardless of international pressure, if elected.

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