Wyclef is only one i think who can do something for the nation...

Rodney Previl - November 27 2010, 7:20 AM

Wyclef is only one i think who can do something for the nation cause he had plenty relationship with people on the world he know wish door he can go trough i think also he dont know the Vodoo system, whom make people have a bad ideas for others, i think he was'nt going to do like Preval doing, who paid Minustah 734 Millionnes dallars US for the securite, now them bring the cholera to the poor nation Wowwwwww where y'all going, the people of cap-Haitian stand up Agains munistah viv the police of nation ABA Munistah who killed us by sickness and then before munistah in cap-Haitian hang up one young guy body found in the bass of Minustah, then in this revolt Minustah shoot 30 Haitians on the downtown and 3 others was shoot on head died, reason the population put fire on the police station cause the police after them said Viv the police, police shoot on them also, now police from P-au-P arrested 17 men, now everything stop to Cap-Haitien when they came, they dont even said nothing about the minustah the revolt for and they gone and living police to treat the people badly.

what you thing Mr Wyclef as you know the constitution said we do not surpose to let other force inter on this land who battle for us?

see right now i living to the Bahams the immigration even haitian have big problem like that they still make arestation to send people to Haiti now, Tafiate preval pa janm di angnyen pou tout bagay sa yo cap pase nan peyi a

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