At Marcy you would sound a lot more educated had you done your...

Nickie - November 23 2010, 5:42 AM

at Marcy you would sound a lot more educated had you done your research on Ceant.

Your supporting Baker the one person backed by the Haitian bourgeoisie that doesn't want the country to get out of the situation its in so that they could keep making money by abusing the people! Ceant has put up a hospital after the EQ and til this day they see about 500 patients who get consulted for free and receive free medication.

For Cholera he has given several truck of treated water to the affected areas along with the single dose of antibiotic to flush cholera out of your system.

He actually plans on following the constitution by making education free for all students from the ages of 3-16.
This is just a little of what Ceant is about.

I hope next time you wish to critic someone you do some research first so you don't sound like a complete idiot.

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