Haitians seem to be getting more and more pathetic every...

Tiba - November 13 2010, 8:09 AM

Haitians seem to be getting more and more pathetic every passing day with no end in sight.

Just reading this rediculous rational thinking from these brain dead Haitians give me the chill.

And we, Haitians, and the rest of the world keep wondering why Haiti is doomed for ever.

These challatan, blood sucker, money grabber "so-called" candidates travel the world to sweet talking the Haitian diaspora to give them their very last hard earned dollars, and the diaspora accepts to fully comply.

I can tell the Haitians diaspora put on their very best outfits as if they're going to church or to a black tie banquet, to flock those auditoriums to listen to these no good crook candidates.

The Haitian government doesn't give a snap crap about the diaspora, never have and never will, but the government and candidates for public office know very well how to scam the diaspora, at will, anytime they want money.

This notion that I, as a diaspora, can, should, dictate, or commend my family/relatives in Haiti who to vote for on election day is "THE" most arrogance, dihuminazed, disrespectful, and insaulting concept of all time.

It seems as if people in Haiti are nothing more but disposable comodities because they have no brain of their own, and therefore, incable to make any decisions for themselves, but most importantly they have no "RIGHT" to vote for any candidate of their choice unless that right has come from the diaspora.

Since the diaspora has the power of the pocketbook, therefore, we call the shots.

Is this the way Haitians really approach politics in this 21st century?

Isn't fair to say that we, Haitians, are still opperating on this notion of master vs. slave?

We, in the diaspora are the master and those in Haiti are the slaves, and therefore, we must dictate them how to think, what to do, and how to live their lives.

Is that it?

This proves that those in Haiti are still NOT free. They are being enslaved by their own relatives, the diaspora.

How could Haiti ever change and move forward with so much of arrogance?

This is a diaspora with no voting right and a diaspora that is totally excluded from Haiti's affairs, and yet, some how, they believe they still have the power to change Haiti.

That is pure delusional and hallucination.

Think critically people! these candidates dismess the local constituents to spend a lot of time overseas begging the diaspora for money and ask to force their relatives in Haiti to vote for them.

Beside, how much money does a candidate really need to run a 3-month campaign in Haiti?

Why don't they spend more time in Haiti begging the people for their votes, is beyond me. They don't because they don't really value their importance.

In so many words, these constituents in Haiti are not seem to worth the candidates' precious time.

This is the Haiti we have and these are the candidates with no respect, no consideration, no ampethy, no caring, no understanding for the people that we want in power to govern them.

This is so, so sad!

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