charlito president

Kelly Villate - October 15 2010, 7:35 AM

to all my haitian brothers and sisters, the voice of change is calling for us. we re finally have the type of leader we needed and need all this time, a leader with integrity, honesty, capacity, who is willing to take on the challenges we re facing, a caring leader.

I invite you all to go r listen to one of charlito interview r meeting, i guarantee u guys, u will fall in love with him, he s good, the best in the race, no one has his program.

let's b smart this election, vote for charlito baker and we as citizen needs to work with his administration, his cabinet wil b the best in our history.

To all who believes and wants change, vote charlito baker, like baker said last time he will give us a country we can b proud of.

vote charlito

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