Another question to you Mr. Baker 10) it is regard of our...

Miggy - October 8 2010, 11:25 PM

another question to you Mr. Baker

10) it is regard of our animals especially THE DOGS
Will you implement laws to protect and care for the domestic ANIMALS in Haiti?

Will there be punishment against people who abused domestic animals.

The reason for this ANIMALS question is because domestic animals like dogs are being mistreated in Haiti.

Not only they are malnourished because their owners can not provide for them. When these dogs wandering around looking for food, people start throwing rocks at them which most of the time ended up severely injured and killing them JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. I remember as a child growing up in Haiti.

I always felt horrified and terrified of the emotional abuses that these people put on these dogs.
So many of these abusive people called themselves Christians knowing the fact that THE ANIMALS ARE OLDER THEN US. THEY WERE CREATED BY GOD BEFORE US.
Additionally, the health of these animals poses A HEALTH THREAT to the communities on where they GO LOOK FOR THEiR FOODS, which usually from THE SAVAN-N KAKA (Feces infested deserted field), because most of these neighborhood do not have inside plumbing.

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