I feel your frustration and pain my brothers and sisters...

Emile Domain - September 28 2010, 10:19 AM

I feel your frustration and pain my brothers and sisters.

However i do believe we are all missing the point here. Instead of concentrating on such useless babel about a sad useless president who is already on his way out of position as "leader" of our country, we should be focusing our comments and thoughts on who we as Haitians will elect to finally make a change in our country.

We need to spread the word as far as possible to make the difference we can on each of our ends. We have many choices this time around with up to 19 candidates.

We only have two months left before the power of our voice is no longer there.

two more months until great change can possibly come to our country.

And its all up to us.

Personally, i believe we need a drastic change in our country.

Of all the candidates, only one of them really stands out as the true candidate of "CHANGE", just as BARRACK OBAMA did for the United States.

That Candidate is CHARLES H. BAKER, also known as Charlito.

I have been reading up on this guy and he really looks like he has devoted his time and his life to the Haitian people in the past several years.

Lets face it, all these past years we have wasted with these useless, uneducated, no moral, no sense of business, no sense of leadership, selfish, money hungry, CORRUPT, ex presidents, isn't it time we look at a "REAL CHANGE".

I mean i personally saw videos and photos of this guy Charlito visiting the Tent cities and helping out any way he can following the earthquake.

Again, i am challenging all of my fellow Haitians to really look into these potential future presidents of ours and really do the research on them.

Lets make our voices herd, regardless of who we chose amongst them all. But ask yourself this. Do you want more of the same from the past 200 years, or do you want "REAL CHANGE", the same way the American Population decided they wanted there own CHANGE.

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