President Preval Pulls Wyclef Jean On Stage in NY Yesterday

This is the biggest surprise in Haiti News yesterday... During his speech at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Haitian President Rene Preval calls Wyclef Jean on stage... To Praise him...

After Wyclef writes a song blaming the president for being rejected as a candidate, No one expected this...

Miami Herald headline news reads: Haiti President Rene Preval extends olive branch to Wyclef Jean

President Preval says:

"He [Wyclef] has made the plight of Haiti visible throughout the world even before the earthquake. He carries his country in his heart. And that is why I have made him a goodwill ambassador.''

The Miami Herald describes Wyclef as "Stunned"

Nan Lang Creole... "Stunned" vle di "SEZI..."

Epa Preval soti pou-l fe politik Haiti tounen yon bagay moun serye?


What do you think about this?

It this just politics? or is President Preval really a nice guy?

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Deleted says...

just remember preval need wyclef to support celestin ok nou

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David Grant says...

To those of us the uninitiated, it seems that president Preval has extended an olive branch to Wyclef Jean. However, what we do miss is that: a politician is an actor, and most of what he does is acting, and this is the craft of the political game. By inviting Mr. W. Jean on the platform, is an overwhelming victory for him; it shows who is the better man between them. And this will ensure a favorable place for him in history; perhaps, a greater role within the new government.

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Emile Domain says...

I feel your frustration and pain my brothers and sisters.

However i do believe we are all missing the point here. Instead of concentrating on such useless babel about a sad useless president who is already on his way out of position as "leader" of our country, we should be focusing our comments and thoughts on who we as Haitians will elect to finally make a change in our country.

We need to spread the word as far as possible to make the difference we can on each of our ends. We have many choices this time around with up to 19 candidates.

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Sasharico At says...

Good luck with your nursing, I am a very positive person, I know this country can't be any worse it definitely will get better one day. I currently support a school in Petion-Ville and one day soon I hope I want to go help for a bit I get the summer off so I am looking forward to going.

My sister is also a nurse and wants to do the same Haiti needs people like us we

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Oli79 says...

We all feel your pain my dear. In the candidacy to bring Haiti change we have 19 candidates.

Now is do or die, it's either we elect someone that will bring real change to our country, or we elect someone that is in need of power, money, in other words CORRUPTION.

Isn't it time everyone?

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Pierre Beauge says...

I bet you are a teacher...

You are so right, borther.

I am a Nursing Student.

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Sasharico At says...

I hope there are many other haitians like us who feels this way I am sorry this should never be written on the Haitian history book. I am a teacher I did all my most of my schooling in Canada having growing up there there is something in my job call ACCOUNTABILITY this is what Preval does not seem to understand when people elect and trust you to do a JOB you need to deliver oh did I also mentioned that he got married about 3 times while in power can you see my frustration I know I could teach him one or two things about being TRUSTWORTHY

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Pierre Beauge says...

Thumbs up!:) You are right, man. Haiti's hope is only in God's hands no one else's. I would not sit there and listen to dumb campagns" I am gonna do this and that" once they get elected they drag this poor country deeper into the hole that it's been in for over 200 years.

I have nothing against Preval because he acted so strange on stage with Wyclef, but what I have against him is how hypocritical he is...


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Sasharico At says...

You are so right Preval or Aristide the lesser of two evil why and how did Preval got elected for two terms I am taken back. I live in Canada and I only get the news reading Belpolitik boy I tell you this country I don't know surtout avec les Preval/ les Aristide kote sa ap rive we need a 180 degree turn for this country even though Preval has only been doing a 360 for 2 terms what an idiot my mother just got back from Haiti and told me that rummors got it that he wants an office job when we elect the next president and did I mention he want his brother in-law to get one as well (his wife's brother) I am sorry but I got no respect for this man even though he is old enough to be my brother.

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Demesvar Charles says...

It seems to me that certain people are delighted when we Haitians are at each other's throat.

To those of us who want to see haitian politicians continue killing each other when they disagree, I say: shame on you; we should applaud such change of attitude in haitian politic.

That sends a better image of our beloved country to the rest of the world and to future haitian politicians.

Bravo Preval! Bravo

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