True but the biggest manipulators are the blacks in haiti...

Kelly Villate - September 13 2010, 5:03 PM

true but the biggest manipulators are the blacks in haiti, they use the pple to get elected and ignored them once they are in power, mayb u need to run sum research, petrocaibe money and tones of other money haitian government received and receiving.What they have done for the pple who voted them in office.

U also mentioned papadoc, what he has done for his 30some years in office, the country still remain the same way the french left,,and worst,1) he rejected so many contracts by forein' companies, example.

roads and hgy contracts by ford and ladaniva, kicked all of our smarts pple out of the country that why canada is enjoying our intelligence, no healhcare system, no tax reform, no sanitation.

haiti is the worst country on earth.

The mulattoes r rich that's true, but they make they in busnesses, the other side make they by running for offices and steal the country's money and ppl's trust.

Now it's time for us to forget and stop been ignorant, become a unify nation where we respect and love each others, does not matter if we r blks, mulattoes and whites haitians, we need to understand that we r 1nation and can not live without each other.blks whites and mulattoes exsit in every nation on earth, if france, germany and poland can unify now, after what hitler and his band did to them, why not haiti and it's pple and by the way vote charles henry backer for office if urself and others wants a change

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