Well, well, well my dear now you are telling me to drop French...

Max Mills - September 11 2010, 4:38 PM

Well, well, well my dear now you are telling me to drop French while your English is so perfect it seems to me you were educated somewhere outside of Haiti.For the Business of sweet Micki wants to be my President GIRL FORGET IT whatever a man does reflect his heart and a man's heart never change make no mistake my girl. If he does it once the next action will be worst.

Anybody can be a leader but what type of leadership can he expose to make the people to follow him.Well as the the saying says " show me your friends i will tell you who you are" .So Micki drops his pants so he still has people following him, those who follow him will do the same in our face too.May be the same" those" are the ones who want to see him as president.

Truly everybody has a choice to chose whoever they want for president but as for me Micki is not worthy to be my president.

Come on Girl will you compare sweet Micki with ...Chose for yourself.

At this time let us find or scrutiny someone to be the next president.

Someone who has been in the politic for a while, someone who knows the path already, not a dreamer like me, like you, like sweet Micki, like Wyclef.

Remember our country is not a toy for everybody wants to play with it.If they refused Wyclef, Some other big shots, sweet Micki .They know what they want so let them work it out. We want knowledge, we want guts, we want somebody who can stand tall on his feet to defend our country not a mama man, not a ti sou-sou man to sell my country to any firstcome buyer.Boy too much to say. Remember my dear a leader is made by God and accepted by the people.

As i remember a little latin you correct me if you can."Vox Dei, vox populi.

Give peace a chance.

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