Let's be honest here, Sean Penn brought more than a bag of...

B. Murphy-bridge - August 30 2010, 6:25 PM

Let's be honest here, Sean Penn brought more than a bag of rice. For over 6 months he has invested not only his time, sweat, and tears helping the Haitian people but he and Diane Jenkins founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

He is a celebrity who could be spending his time basking in the sun around a pool and slurping up Rum and cranberry juice or getting stoned rather than raising money using his celebrity status as a hook to get the ordinary bloke out there involved in your crisis.

List on your web site all the Haitian rap artists, actors, actress', musicians, who have spent the past 7 months in Haiti dealing with the sheer frustration and I might take your question " What Gives Him The Right ..." a bit more seriously.

B.J. Murphy-Bridge, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Sean penn is an arrogant who does respect haitians...

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I agree...we Haitian should stop being ignorant n be...

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