Sean Penn Says Wyclef Jean Should Drop Out, What Gives Him The Right?

The Wall Street Journal reports today that actor Sean Penn is calling for candidate Wyclef Jean to drop out of the Haitian presidential race BUT... What gives Sean Penn the right to stick his nose in Haitian Politics.

Wyclef Jean Vs Sean Penn - Haiti Election 2010


Does a bag of rice give Sean Penn the right to decide for the entire Republic?

I'm Haitian, born and raised in Haiti. Like Wyclef Jean , I spent most of my life in the United States. I believe that Haitian politics is my business.

I want Haiti to catapult into the 21st century because it is my dream, yours too I hope, to live the rest of my life in Haiti Cherie.

Believe me... I am dying to tell you what I think; however...

I stick to my role as a "Joudalist" if I may borrow this term from my friend Roland Berthold, I am trying my best NOT TO give you my personal opinion about the Election in Haiti.

I DO NOT endorse or condone any candidate.

I am not in the position to endorse or condone a candidate. I am just a humble servant trying to tell you what is going on.

I am Haitian, YES I have an audience too, but I also know my role within my society.

But lately... This Wyclef/Sean Penn thing is... How should I describe it???

Sean Penn is doing a wonderful job as a humanitarian in Haiti but...

My Question is...

Does that give him the right to butt his nose in Haitian politics?

Are we so poor and desperate that anyone can come in with a bag of rice and decide who should become the next president of Haiti?

Forget Wyclef for now... Let's focus on Mr. Sean Penn for a minute!

What gives Sean Penn the right to stick his nose in Haitian Politics?

I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Please, reply with your comments

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Vlad Tepes says...

Sean Penn is an assclown who needs to shut up and mind his own business.

He wines and dines with despots and spits on the same America that gave him the jet-setting lifestyle he enjoys and uses to tell others how to live their lives.

Just because you CAN speak, doesn't mean you SHOULD speak.

He likes a "tough guy" image.

I'd impale him in my human forest...he'd rethink his "tough guy" persona

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Betina Omelius says...

I really like wyclef as what he's doing such as put unity in every haitian community, and continue his artist.

Again Wyclef make me feel more proud of who I'am and all the aid is doing in haiti, but I don't feel his ready enough for leadership.

I don't get his point of view why he want to be a leader in

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Landy says...

i think he should mine his own business in fact i dont think hes ok lol i wonder y does he think he coul tell people wat 2 do and wat not 2

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Darline says...

How many Haitians are living abroad?

We are probably millions.Did any of us ever suggested to at least put one dollar together and contact a credible company, in order to start cleaning the street of Haiti, or start rebuilding those Hospitals and Schools, but instead, we are waiting to see how long it will take for the International Community to start rebuilding, we even have the nerve to accused them of being too slow. Those are the reasons that allow Sean Pean and many others to butt in our politics.

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95percentsofhaitians says...

Re: Presidential Candidate Charles Henry Baker Radio Interview, Tuesday,...

HE IS EXACTLY WHAT HAITI DOES NOT NEED. A rich mulatto man who has thrived and been very successful in his own beautiful, organized and well run world right in the middle of Haiti.

People like him were born with an international passport in their mouth.

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Kelly Villate says...

Name one of your negroes who has done anything, vote charles haenry baker for a change

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Jpatrick says...

you could not have say it better my

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B. Murphy-bridge says...

One way to help is to sponsor a Haitian child as I have been doing for the past 9 years through Baptist Haiti Mission:

BHM has been in Haiti over 40 years.

Sponsorship is $25.00 a month & provides education, uniforms, and etc.

There are other organizations working there as well that you could consider should the spirit move

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Tasha says...

I agree...we Haitian should stop being ignorant n be open to constructive criticism.

Maybe if we had FREEDOM OF SPEECH in our country, we could have taken things alot different...

But either way we should REMEMBER everyone's entitle to have an opinion.

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B. Murphy-bridge says...

Suggesting Sean Penn's work in Haiti was to get his next movie some media hype leaves me

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