Whatever!!! FYI, Wyclef is not the only one helping Haiti. Si...

Yves - August 22 2010, 9:41 PM

Whatever!!! FYI, Wyclef is not the only one helping Haiti.

Si ou te pase mize Ayiti ou ta konn sa ki Ayiti.

Haitians are grateful for all the help from him, but not to forget helping Haiti should be a must for all Haitians living abroad not only Wyclef.

Yes, he has more money than 80 percent of Haitians, it should not be the reason he wants to be president.

FYI Bush was a governor before he became president and his dad was president before him. Haiti gets deeper into corruption when presidents have a lack on politics.

You are right anybody can be a president if far less the right choice to govern.

Mesi Ayisyen depi ou ka kompare Wyclef ak prezidan Ameriken.

if you think Haiti is comparable to USA in politics you are out of your mind. Ask Haitians who are holding office in the USA and they can give you a class on US politics.

A vision to help one group of people is deemed to fail in Haiti, at the end it will be nothing but hate between them. Between Wyclef and his uncle who is the better politicians?

Personally, mwen kwe nan yon bon fondasyon e mwen swete nouvo prezidan Ayiti ka w

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