CNN VIDEO: Wyclef May Appeal His Rejection as Candidate For President of Haiti

Wyclef Jean told CNN in a phone interview that he and his lawyers may appeal the decision of the Haiti Electoral Council because, as a Haitian citizen, his constitutional rights needs to be respected.

Watch and listen to the CNN video clip below but first... Here are the highlights:

WYCLEF: "We produced every paperwork possible within the constitution..."

CNN: "Wyclef, Did They give you a specific reason why you were being rejected?"

WYCLEF: "No... There's no specific reason... We went over every paperwork... every piece of document cleared..."

CNN: "Is there an ability for you to appeal this process? or is that a final decision?"

WYCLEF: "We're gonna talk about that in a couple of hours with my lawyers... and see the technicalities... their plans... It's important as a Haitian citizen that the rights of the constitution is respected... If they [the CEP] ask for the paperwork and the paperwork is legit, then we will see if we will appeal or not."

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Woody says...

si ou t prezidan li ta bon pou pays but kom ou pa sa ma still nan

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Miggy says...

I am back from recuperating from this bad and insulting news!

I still have not lost hope and I think Wyclef will indeed end up on the list by November, because Wyclef did not choose the time but God and the time has chose him instead.

Just like Obama.

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Thomas Valcin says...

Can you name one well-balanced leader in that run, or even in the last 4 run.
I hope your homework is well done, so you don't have to lie or pretending.


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Tomy says...

I agree with him, if he think he get rejected by politician, not by the law or constitution, he should not give up without an appeal.

I mean he is already get himself involve in that political mess, he should deal with it

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Ben Sultan says...

Well, for your information i just came from Haiti 3 weeks ago, I know what's going on there.

I was in Cap Haitien a few weeks back...

it was disturbing how poor and the amount of corruption I saw. There were earthquake relief trucks which were supposed to be bringing building supplies to Port-Au-Prince that were held for weeeks at the border because of corruption and the fact that relief organizations refuse to pay off local government officials.

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Yves says...

Whatever!!! FYI, Wyclef is not the only one helping Haiti.

Si ou te pase mize Ayiti ou ta konn sa ki Ayiti.

Haitians are grateful for all the help from him, but not to forget helping Haiti should be a must for all Haitians living abroad not only Wyclef.

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Ben Sultan says...

You don't need a good education to be president in Haiti.For the record Wyclef has always given back and supported the country of Haiti even years before the earthquake..

Yes he does live a lavish lifestyle with loads of money but I don't see people discrediting the Kennedy's or the Bush's when they try to run for office.

Honestly this is a man who has a desire to help his native country..

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Yves says...

Wyclef, please let it go for the sake of Haiti.

The country needs a well-balanced Leader, definitively you are not one. Stop embarrassing yourself!!!Do your homework, get a good education, and stay and live in Haiti for 5 years straight years, then you can think about putting your bid for election.

Waving the Haitian's flags is not a qualification to lead 7 million of the poorest country of the Western

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