You don't need a good education to be president in Haiti.For...

Ben Sultan - August 22 2010, 6:29 PM

You don't need a good education to be president in Haiti.For the record Wyclef has always given back and supported the country of Haiti even years before the earthquake..

Yes he does live a lavish lifestyle with loads of money but I don't see people discrediting the Kennedy's or the Bush's when they try to run for office.

Honestly this is a man who has a desire to help his native country..

it saddens me to read the discouraging comments and false accusations here. Let's be real, with all the years and decades of corrupt goverment Haiti has been known for, Wyclef would have been breath of well needed fresh air. Think about this, athletes from other countries live and train in the U.S. and compete in the Olympics proudly representing their native country with no problems.

I understand we aren't talkin about the Olympics here, it's just unfortunate he didnt make the list, but he can still use his celeb status to influence someone who can bring a change to the country.

Haitian people should be very lucky to have someone like wyclef who wants to serve his country.

We are too ungrateful people that is why this country will never have a good leader

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Wyclef, please let it go for the sake of Haiti. The...

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