Why can't Charles Baker be criticized on his own merit? Why...

Marcy Paul - August 18 2010, 9:21 PM

Why can't Charles Baker be criticized on his own merit?

Why does he have to be judged according to a whole group of people?

Nobody judged Wyclef Jean because he is from where ever he is from. Wyclef Jean and others are judged according to his own merit Why can't we do the same for Charles Baker?

Wyclef Jean is liked precisely BECAUSE he has money.

Now, Why is Baker being negatively criticized BECAUSE he has money?

This DOUBLE STANDARD needs to end for real.
This division in Haiti has got to stop. If it does not stop, then, DO NOT blame mulattoes for non participation in Haiti's problems.

Let us not divide our candidates on the basis of class and color, but rather on how they can help solve Haiti's problems.

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hey yow Baker you back again blod

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