I am really happy to see a change in the presidential...

Lopp - August 17 2010, 5:19 PM

I am really happy to see a change in the presidential candidates in Haiti.

Haitian politicians have been at war against Haiti since the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines on October 17th, 1806. Their goal has been no secret to anyone; to be elected, and steal as much as they possibly can. Not even one ever failed to succeed.

It amazes me today to see that Haitians criticizing someone like Michel Martelly for running for President of Haiti.

Can he do worse than those that came before him?

After all, Haitian politicians know one and only one thing; "how to steal." Once elected, they get rich within their first few hours in office; and screw the country and the people.

Who in his/her right mind would still want to see another thief run Haiti?

Haitian politicians have legalized corruption in Haiti.

Haiti has been the most corrupted country in the world, since 2007. We tried them for over 200 years, and they have successfully destroyed the country.

It is time to take a different direction.

I do not care if it is Michel Martelly or Wyclef Jean; as long as it is not a Haitian politician/thief.

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