Making Haiti A True Bilingual/Bicultural Country

Toulimen - August 17 2010, 12:03 PM

Some people argue that Wyclef does not speak French at all and he cannot be selected as candidate to run for office.

Haiti has two official languages and the constitution does not ban candidates from not speaking both languages.

We have inherited the Haitian French from the colonial legacy of the old West Hispaniola besides of the Haitian Creole, but one thing that everyone must understand is this: Haiti has been rejected by the International Association of French Countries for not having 60 to 70% of its population speaking French.

After 206 years, Haiti's political leaders failed to make all Haitians or a large majority of Haitians speak French.

They continue to maintain the colonial legacy of discrimination against the majority accounted for 95% of the Haiti's population.

Discrimination whether it is made against a majority or minority group is wrong and I condemn it.

After 206 years of independence, our leaders still continue to accept two school systems running in Haiti.

A school for the economic elites abiding by all international norms and another one for the poor Haitians.

How can the outside world accept us as good Haitian citizens when our economic and political leaders continue to discriminate a large minority of Haitians in Haiti?

The international world perceives all mulattoes and dark skinned blacks in Haiti as Haitians.

When can we transcend over our ethnic group?

When can we make all Haitians proud of themselves?

Quebec wanted to leave Canada because Canada had refused to apply French in all its English schools.

The day the English Canadians opted for French in all its English schools, the Independentists in Quebec back down and the separation movement almost came to an end there.

The majority in Canada recognizes the rights of the minority and together they create a solid partnership within a true bilingualism.

Can we do that in Haiti?

Will we have standard norms of bilingualism for all Haitian schools?

Will we have French and Creole tests for all schools in Haiti?

How can we transcend over our ethnic group in the Caribbean as Haitians?

Haiti is the poorest country on earth according of the hearsays of the most advanced countries around the world; therefore, mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians are the poorest Haitian citizens on earth.

The Latin America, Caribbean, Asian, European, North American and African countries perceive all Haitians as the same. We all carry poverty in our faces to some extent.

We need to come up with educational reforms to make Haiti become a true bilingual/bicultural country so others do not discriminate another one from not speaking both languages.

We are all Haitians after all. Discrimination is wrong and all the schools should teach same standards to all Haitians in Haiti.

Jim Crow laws do not exist in America because Americans stood up against them, but in Haiti we still cherish Napoleon Black code by reinforcing discrimination against a majority of 95% of Haiti.

Ugliness is on our face and we should stop all discrimination if we truly believe in education to lift up Haiti from its abject poverty.

Outside of Haiti, many educated Haitians refuse to identify themselves as Haitian educators because of the horrible practices of Voodoo and discrimination of a majority of Haitians by a minority of 5% of Haitians.

We have no leadership in anything in Haiti and the leaders are incompetent too which complicates the situation.

It is sad hein...

It is time for all Haitians to recognize that is wrong to discriminate and they should transcend over their ethnic group after 206 years of their internal colonization in Haiti.

Enough is enough and we should refrain ourselves from discriminating other groups of people in Haiti, for discrimination is wrong.

In democracy, we should recognize the rights of the 95% of dark skinned Haitians as well as the 5% of light skinned Haitians.

Inside a true bilingual/bicultural society, they will be viewed all as Haitians and not as mulatoes and blacks...

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