I hope one day, Haiti constitution get change and unable no...

Thomas Valcin - August 9 2010, 6:56 PM

I hope one day, Haiti constitution get change and unable no more than 6 to 9 candidat, it would make it easier for the people at least to choose someone without having a brain surgery.

The only reason i put it up to 9, i figure we have 9 departements, at least if each departement have one candidate, it wouldn't be that confuse to choose someone decent, but of couse Port- au prince alone will give us more than we can bargain for.

with so many candidate, Haian election always look like a joke and end up with desaster.

Brothers and sisters, i have more to say, the worse thing that i hate about so many candidate is that, if by example there is 38 who decide to run for the job, we all know that it will be only one victory, right?

But guess what after one victory, now the other 37 loosers for a coalitoon to go against the only one that get elected, meaning that our problem will never end, because the other 37 losers will not rest until they get rid of the elected one, then the fight start again,

VERY SAD STORY HEY!!! BUT IT IS A TRUE ONE, think about if you did not realise that issue from our country

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