Thanks Marie, See, a lot of people still do not get it...

Miggy - March 7 2010, 5:06 AM

Thanks Marie,

See, a lot of people still do not get it. Whether God forbid 75% of Haitians were gone and 25% was left through that Earthquake.

The 25% has to move forward for the sake of their future and those who are incapacitated.

The Haitians that are handicapped will continue to get care and support.

This should not I say "SHOULD NOT" be a reason to delay the most fundamentally important thing to a country which is the ELECTION to clean house.

People ask yourselves this question.

Do you want to give these officials who has not and are not doing anything for the country one ADDITIONAL DAY of power where we are at our worst state in history.

Common now. This should make sense already.

Thank you.

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