Well if you are Haitian, yes you can run for president. People...

Michel Louis - December 11 2009, 2:26 PM

Well if you are Haitian, yes you can run for president.

People don't have to registered you as a citizen of Haiti.

Because Haiti has problem doesn't mean that we haitians cannot run our own country.Our problems were created for us by a little group of people in Haiti, and also by the those republicans.

We haitians know what we want. We will not have a foreigner thinks that we don't know how to lead our country.

Let me tell you something, our ancestors fought for our freedom, to give us Haiti, it wasn't given to us for free. We don't need anyone by the name of EARL WHEBY JR to be president of Haiti.

Thank you!


Get me registered as citizen of Haiti so I can run

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