I don't see the reason why Haitians in Diaspora connot partake...

Da Voice - December 8 2009, 1:54 PM

I don't see the reason why Haitians in Diaspora connot partake in the upcoming election.

What is crucial at this point is, who will be elected?

President Preval through cunning deceits has set up the election in such a way that it might work out in his favor.

He has used the CEP manipulatively to concoct a fraudulous "election" and will use the purported amended constitution to cling to power to further derail the country.

The diaspora must enusre that the next person elected must be one that has integrity, accountability, charatcter, transparency and honesty as his mantra.

We have been duped "doped" for far too long with Romeos with a ton of sugar on their tongues, promising what they can't deliver.

And should the election go well we have to watch out for the results.

It is no secret that persons would cast fraudulent ballots or try to trick the system, like in the days of Francois Duvalier.

Electorates would vote at one poll, remove the ink with dirt and vote elsewhere.

We have to ensure that Stalin's quotes doesn't materialize in Haiti as it did in the pass, "it is not the votes that counts but he who counts the votes."

"Nothing in life changes until you do"


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