Wyclef's 23 Minute Video Interview by Riz Khan (AlJazeera TV)

Watch the 23 Minute video interview of Wyclef Jean, Candidate for President of Haiti, as he discusses his plans and his RESICENDY issue. The interview was given by Riz Khan on AlJazeera English.

Also interviewed is Harry Fouche, former Consul General of Haiti in New York. He discusses the constitution of Haiti, Wyclef's presidency. He agreed that Wyclef's candidacy has brought lots of publicity to Haiti's election campaign.

Many questions are raised in the interview including this question: "Will you [Wyclef] invite Aristide back in to the country?"

Watch the video and post your comments

(video not available)

Wyclef says: "I voted for President preval 5 years ago, and residency was not an issue... I have documents that can trail my residendy in haiti back SEVEN years ago."

What do you think about all of this?

Reply with your comments.

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Florencia says...

Wiclef should not let this stop him. He should try everything he could to get there.

He represent change, and hope for Haiti meaning I could go back to visit, or live in my country without fear of insecurity, and economic issue.

Wiclef shows his patriotism the day he went up MTV annual award show with his haitian flag on his hand, I knew sinse he would make a good president for the haitian people.

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Miggy says...

I am back from recuperating from this bad and insulting news!

I still have not lost hope and I think Wyclef will indeed end up on the list by November, because Wyclef did not choose the time but God and the time has chose him instead.

Just like Obama.

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Charles says...

hi i wanna talk to wyclef

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