Wilson Laleau: Haiti's current Political Regime does NOT facilitate Development

To develop a county, you have to do the most strategic things first, former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau said, but the Political Regime that currently exists in Haiti does NOT facilitate Development. Laleau Explains...

Laurent Lamothe - Wilson Laleau

"Let's say the government wants to build irrigation systems. This system of irrigation does not necessarily mean it will be done in the district of such and such Depute or Senator. The dam has to be built in one strategic location, then once completed, water can be distributed to various other communes."

But, these investments cost a lot of money!

Now, Deputes and Senators may NOT even vote for such a big project/budget. Then may instead remove your prime minister from office if there is no project happening in their immediate area because they are going to elections and they need visibility in the district where they will get votes.

So, unless we change the current political regime, even if we discuss PetroCaribe, etcetera, you will notice lots of instability in Haiti until we figure out another way to organize the political life so that the Deputes and Senators can find other ways to be loved by their constituents in their region instead of having to create tiny projects here and there just to get visibility.

If we created bigger projects, there will be more employment created around these big projects and there would also be larger investments, and the people would benefit more in the long run.

When you are forced to create tiny little projects all over the place, incomplete projects that have not been fully studied, projects where everyone comes and tells you do this and to that, then you put them all in a resolution and you execute it, funding for each little project is released by portions in each annual budget, 10, 20 percent at a time, instead of continuing or completing a project next year, new little projects are added to the budget.

In the end this creates nothing more than problems.

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