What does it mean to have Immunity as a Senator or Depute in Haiti? Mirlande Manigat explains

"As as Senator or Depute in Haiti your immediate space (car, home, office) cannot be violated. The police cannot enter these spaces because you have immunity," Mirlande Manigat explained, but this is just one part of the immunity of a member of Haitian Parliament.

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

According to Madame Manigat, one of the co-writers of the Haitian constitution, the immunity of a member of parliament follows him to his grave.

"Because during his term in office, a Senator or Depute made declarations and votes that were not pleasing to the Executive branch of government, he cannot be pursued by the Justice System even after his mandate expires," Madame Manigat said.

Only in 3 cases can a member of the Haitian Parliament have the eyes of the law on him:

1 - Reprehensible conduct like being drunk in public or beating his wife in public. In that case the Senate or Chamber of Deputes can take measures against him except to expell him from office.

2 - For his opinion in which case, even after he is no longer Senator or Depute, they cannot attack him.

3 - Caught in the act of committing an offense (flagrant délit). If he is caught in the act like stealing or murder the police can arrest him. However, if there is no flagrance, the police can only report the infraction, The government commissioner muse then write the the minister of justice who will then write to the President of the Senater or the President of the Chamber of Deputes asking for the immunity of the Senator or Depute to be lifted .

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