What did you Expect? The Haiti Election Results Will Be Delayed...

This is really confusing to me... Haiti Elections officials announced today, Tuesday, that they plan to delay releasing preliminary results until Monday 3 Apr 2011.

Preliminary a wi... pre·lim·i·nar·y
Noun: An action or event preceding or preparing for something fuller or more important.

Si Preli-minary a pa pare...
kileu Final-minary ap pare menm?


The Miami Herald says...

The CEP is delaying the announcement of preliminary elections results in the Haiti presidential and legislative elections...

This delay didn't surprise me... You didn't actually think they were going to be on time did you?

Come on...This is the CEP we're talking about... LOL

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein -

"Moun Fou: dealing with the same people over and over again and expecting different results."
- Bel Politik -

Bon... in their defense, things are a bit different this time around..

According to the Miami Herald,

...the verification process ... is much larger and more complex... Workers must open all of the bags and verify the voting identifications with barcode readers. The bags and tally sheets are also inspected for tampering....

Also... Fraud prevention recommendation from the OAS is also impacting the process...


Will a delayed Preliminary election results lead to a delayed final result... then to a delayed swearing of a new Haitian president in office... and a Delayed Preval in power in Haiti???

So... Nou la pou 12 Janvier oswa 7 Fevrier 2012... Sa-w panse?

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Romane Durand says...

I don't see any reasons whatsoever of the delay, something is not crochure here. It's time to put an end in this corruption in Haiti, we have to let our voices be heard in this ridiculous matter.

Let the people of Haiti manifest against it. It is time for every bit of negativities be eliminated and

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

The educated people don't do any better for the country.They steal all the money and let haitian people in poverty.

Haitian people don't want deal with them no more, They are supposed to respect haitian people voice and

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Sergo Guirand says...

the CEP supposed to let Martelly out long time ago like Wiclef jean, because there is a standard in everything.

Since 1986 after JEAN CLAUDE DUVALIER, all you see is aprentice politicians (people with no experiance in public administration or gourverment)IT'S time for military, priest, musician and so on to let the professionals(politicians) dealing the complex problems of our country.Let's be realistic, how low can we go down this path. We need to change the way we do things and stop the country from going deeper.

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John says...

Mwen ta remen kon nen kisa map li la a si se rezilta eleksion ou kek vie bagay kisa KEP sa ap fe konsa nan mond eklere sa nan ki planet yap viv Haiti nan mitan yon paket peyi eklre kote teknoloji ap mache chak sekond epi save Haitien yo ap fe bak chak sekond nan la vi yo mezanmi di yon mo non pou peyi sa yo rele Haiti

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

The election results will be delayed because they are trying to steal the election they don't know what to

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Soule says...

Tout moun kap plede pale mal de Martelly kolera pral fe`ou poze ti pitit chita

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Soule says...

Look at Dorsinville eyes you can not trust him at all.But one thing he needs to know that we are a watchdog.Nap veye anro nap veye

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Soule says...

Te`t Madam lan cho li gentan voye le`t kontestasyon-l sa vle di li nan mele.Veye anro veye

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Voteveye says...

Min sa yap kontea John. These are the official numbers from the polling stations on March 20. Let us wait for their official results on April 4.

The Unofficial Election Result sFrom The 3/20/11 Vote
Thursday, March

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Sesalye says...

Se salye Soule,

Egyp apren nan main sa jenes kla fai nan main nouo. Nou pa nan dezod min nap mache sou yo. Seyon revolizyon san violens.

Victwa nan main nou. Nan pwen yun force nan le monde ki ka kale tet jenes la.

Li leh pou jenes la kompren ke peyia se pouyol

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