VIDEO: Rafael Trujillo's grandson Ramfis wants build a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Watch this video... The grandson of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic who carried out the Haitian Parsley Massacre, says he will build a wall from north to south of the Haiti-Dominican border to separate the Dominican Republic from Haiti if he is elected president in 2020...

Obsessed, like his grandfather, by the presence of Haitians on the Dominican territory, Luis Ramfis Trujillo Dominguez never misses an opportunity to express his dislike for the Haitian nationals he accuses of wanting to invade his country.

Watch the video...

It's kind of funny that, while the Dominicans in Pedernales are crying because the border is closed they cannot make money with Haitians in Anse-a-Pitre who cross the boreder to buy from then everyday, this idiot wants to build a wall.

What do you think about that?

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Buildwall says...

Domincans have the right to protect and defend their country you are the idiot haitians must

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Jackson Etienne says...

Maybe he is serious, please let's help this guy win the presidency of the Dominican republic so we can have a wall between the two countries that would be a great blessing for Haiti maybe he just saying that so he can win votes let's pray that he

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Jackson Etienne says...

Im sure he is jocking if he is serious I am challenging him to do

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Goldstein says...

Like grandfather like grandson.

I think I told you about racism in the spanish

I noticed the same racism in the big 3 (DR, PR and even Cuba, which I visited three years ago).

Yes, in Cuba where the majority is white and mulato, those stupid can't help making racist
jokes to me because I'm white, hence racist of course.

Sickening people.

Let alone Miami cubans, terrible

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Gerard says...

Yes, let him build it. see who is going to lose more, Haiti or DR.?

Let him follow after Mr. Trump who wants a wall between the US and Mexico, and have Mexico pay for it...Stupid people are in greater number than smart

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Polom says...

Sot ki bay
Enbesil ki pa pran...

Kote pwodiksyon Nasyonal nou?

Poukisa nou pa bloke rapo komesyal dezekilibre nou gen ak dominikani an kote se yo sel ki prensipal benefisye a.
Fe komes ak lot peyi.
Kreye inivesite lakay nou pou sispann voye jenn nou yo al fome lakay yo. Pote biye vet ba yo.
Poukisa nou paka femen fwontye a?

Nou two iresponsab.


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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Pitit pitit ansyen diktatè Dominicain Rafael Leónidas Trujillo di depi li rive President Sen Domeng an 2020, l ap konstwi yon gro mur pou separe Haiti ak Sen Domeng...

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Subject: VIDEO: Rafael Trujillo's grandson Ramfis wants build a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic edit

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