Video: Pras Says Sweet Micky Is More Popular Than Wyclef But Wait, There's More...

Watch this video... Pras Michel was interviewed by Al Jazeera and he made a very interesting comment. Speaking about Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky), Pras says "We're putting together a team."

WE... Sa se pluriel... Pa vre?

Pay close attention to the video about 3:30 minutes into the video... Pras says:

"As a matter of fact, the team that WE'RE putting together is a very comprehensive team... We're putting together a real team..."

(video not available)

He says WE... as in Him and Sweet Micky... He says "My Guy, Michel Martelly"


Is Pras coming on board with Sweet Micky?

Oh Yeahhhhh.... This is the new Haitian politics baby...

The chickens are coming home to roost... LOL...

Haiti's kids are coming home... Unbelievable!

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Eric says...

Wonderful Dream My friend, I would like to see your plan and How you will pu tit into

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Observateur says...

you are stupid if you say that Micky is more popular than Wyclef.

Injuring people is not a proof of popularity.

Don't blame Wyclef.

people don't know if YOU have a name. Shut the mouth

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Yf says...

First of all, i respect and support all true candidates but Pras must stop criticizing other's good will just because he has no interests from them

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Yf says...

Hi there! I googled Pras for everybody, my next comment will be a real answer to what he said, forgot about and misunderstood completely.

Taken from true source:

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Winy Saget says...

Michel Martelly has elite with him he doesn't do anything for the past twenty five years.

They don't create employment.

That's a shame to criticize someone

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Jp says...

thats not true sweet mikey could never be more popular tha wyclef
main reason wyclef is an international star and he is

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Jean says...

Also in all those candidates i do not see any that can fit for a real reconstruction of Haiti.They are all the same old corrupted traditional haitian politicians.

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Dro Baller says...


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Sebastian says...

"wiclef and his bunch of dirty people dancing around"
I totally agree he worries me a lot.He might me another Aristid with those La fanmi se la vi kids

"not doing shit for the country"
I can't believe you. Name 1 Haitian that has than more for Haiti in the past 3 years

"marteli has the people with resources with him"
Give me the name of those people with

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Guy Comeau says...

Pou ki sa Pras ap kon Jorj lan?

Pras is in a civilized country.

He can say whatever he feels like saying.

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