Tires Burning In Front Of Haiti National Palace

It has just been reported that tires are not burning in front of the remains of the Haitian national palace less than 24 hours after the release of the Haiti 2010 election results.

Reporters are saying that Haitian protestors are threatening to enter the grounds of the National Palace.

Although the National Palace itself lies in ruins since the earthquake, the grounds of the national palace is off limits.

Right behind the national palace is the temporary office of the president of Haiti.

What if the crowd enter the grounds of the National palace?


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Samba says...

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Ericka says...

these people really need to stop all this chaos because its not worth their lives because somebodies gonna get killed
the only way i'd be tripping over the election reults, was if jesus himself was running, and he ddnt make it into the second

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Duplan Fils-aime says...

preval is not even in haiti he is in a unannounced to media visit with the dominican president.

isn't that funny?

the day of the presidential results.

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