The United Nations Threatens To Pull Out Of Haiti!

WARNING... If the Haitian government fails to honor election results, The United Nations will leave Haiti and world powers will stop supporting Haiti. This is a declaration by Edmond Mulet, Interim Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.

There's an old saying:

"He who has the gold makes the rules"

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world"

Edmond Mulet says...

"If the people's decision is respected and recognized by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council, there will be no problems and the international community will be engaged in helping the new government face huge challenges.

The international community will pull out of Haiti and the country will not benefit from international support and resources if the people's decision is not respected."

Sa vle di... No elections... No billions!

This is definitely a threat... Don't you think so???

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Dowoti Desir says...

Za fe yo! This is an empty threat.

We have not received the promised international aid to date. And probably never will unless we take legal action declaring breech of contract, negligence and whatever else we can in an international court.

Who authorized Mulet to say such a thing?

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Adrien Chenet says...

Chenet-Christonardeni Adrien -December 6 at 6:29pm-

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Garry Destin says...

Yes sir.
If one goes to Haiti he/she should respect Haiti and Haitians inside the country and it gies same for the UN. If one doesn't like Haiti that much, shouldn't be there at

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Sergo Jean says...

I read your comment it's nice, but there is one thing I want you to know;God love all his children, and He wants us to obey his rules and his commandments .I do believe, if the politics leaders of the world choose not to serve the people they are going to pay for it.Tout peyi gen loi, epi foc loi yo respecte nan tout entegralite yon mounn viole yo ou dwe puni selon la loi.Peyi sa yo ki an Haiti a, viole la loi paske manman loi peyi ya di ocune fos etranje pa gen dwa pou pile sol Haiti avec zam nan men yo.Men politicien fo mamite kite bezwen rete sou pouvoi nan peyi ya rele fos intenasyonal pou vini avec zam pou vini protege pouvoi yo pandan ke yo decide viole loi peyi a pou satisfe prop intere tet yo avec Zanmi yo.Se consa Toussaint e Dessalines mouri kite loi pou peyi Haiti.

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Martine Civil says...

thank you gary for educated me with such great

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Amonnon Louis says...

Haiti is a country with nobody responsible for nothing, whatever happen means nothing for those so-call leader because either way, they will benefit what the country has as wealth.

One thing they must know, steal all wealth of Haiti to go somewhere else, profit nothing than living in poverty of mind. If the United Nation wants really help Haiti, they must order those people or force them to go for Haitian people find a chance to tasting a better life.
If the UN mission pulls out of Haiti, leaving Haitian under tent, that means they did not come to help they were just come in to support the so-call Haitian leader.

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Garry Destin says...

Right to the point.

If I may say, you nailed it right.

The one who so willing to hand you sinistre is the one who turns around telling the world how cursed and useless you are.
Just like Miranmar did sometimes no thank you

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Guy Comeau says...

You guys DO understand that NO good government can come out of an illegitimately elected president right?

No good president would accept a presidency that was NOT fairly won.
Accepting a fraudulent president will only raises the risk of political bloodbath and turmoil.

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