The next President of Haiti must be like Francois Duvalier, journalist said.

Haitian journalist Bob C of radio Caraibes FM said Wednesday if the next president of Haiti does not have the resemblance of Francois Duvalier, it will not be good for him.

Francois Duvalier Vs. Jean Bertrand Aristide

By that I don't think the journalist it talking about a man who looks like Papadoc Duvalier but rather a ruthless person who behaves like him.

What do you think about that?

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Yanick says...

Education for adults should be available for them also. The people of Haiti do not understand what is going on they only relied on here say from the people who are causing trouble in the

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Claude Dorce says...

Haiti unfortunately is tangled in a difficult angle between corrupted bourgeoisie and vicious politicians using political mean as some of the past high ranking soldiers to make money.

It is unfortunate where the lower class found itself in quest for food accepts to be the cannonball of those vociferous so called private sector with vicious politicians in their pockets; therefore, the journalist is well aware of what he is talking about.

A Francois Duvalier type will never permit such thing chaos to take place in the country where outsider mafiosos kidnapping the country with one law: only their interest or nothing.

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Montresor 2011 says...

Hayitiens, are searching for something and it's not the duvalierism era because the people will never let it or permitting it to happen again.

They will burn down that President inside the palace, trust my words.

Hayitiens wants

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Subject: The next President of Haiti must be like Francois Duvalier, journalist said. edit

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