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The next President of Haiti must be like Francois Duvalier, journalist said.

Francois Duvalier Vs. Jean Bertrand Aristide Haitian journalist Bob C of radio Caraibes FM said Wednesday if the next president of Haiti does not have the resemblance of Francois Duvalier, it will not be good for him. more »

VIDEO: Nicolas Duvalier for President? To serve my country that interests me, he said

Nicolas Duvalier, Son of ex President Jean-Claude 'Babydoc' Duvalier Watch this video... Nicolas Duvalier says he is very interested in serving his country. Will he be a candidate for president in the next Haiti elections? Watch and learn... more »

Haiti - Kisa ki diferansye pouvwa Duvalierist la ak pouvwa Lavalas la?

Francois Duvalier Vs. Jean Bertrand Aristide Banm pose-w yon Question: Kisa, dapre ou menm, ki diferensye pouvwa Duvalierist la ak pouvwa Lavalas la nan peyi d'Haiti? more »

Haiti - Duvalier's National Unity Party (PUN) is Not New, It was founded by PapaDoc...

Papadoc and Babydoc - Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier Earlier this week I told you that Jean-Claude Duvalier was in Jacmel to "launch his new political party" but I was wrong... The National Unity Party (PUN) was founded by Duvalier's father, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier... In a sense, PUN is making a Come Back... more »