Is Haiti next to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan? US Senator Marco Rubio replies...

Haiti, China and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
If you think Haitian politics is for Haitians only think again... The Miami Herald published an article with the headline: "The Dominican Republic ditched Taiwan for China. Is Haiti next to cut diplomatic ties?" Guess what... Florida Senator Marco Rubio replies to the article directly on on Twitter.

En Francais Haiti est-il le prochain à couper les liens diplomatiques avec Taiwan? Le sénateur américain Marco Rubio répond...

The Miami Herald article talks about Port-au-Prince mayor Youri Chevry saying foreign aid can help create a better Port-au-Prince but that help will not come from Haiti's traditional partners but from mainland China.

Mayor Youri Chevry said: "It's not about China, or anybody else. It's about rebuilding Port-au-Prince. China is offering me something that I like and I want to go for it."

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio had this to say about it in a tweet:

"I don't believe Haiti will make the same mistake the Dominican Republic made & cut ties with Taiwan because China has cheated them out of money in the past & because it would inflict real & immediate damage on the U.S. relationship with Haitian govt."


Is Senator Rubio simply giving his opinion here? Or is he... Oh let me shut up! LOL...

What do you think about that?

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