RDNP Haiti

RDNP is a political party in Haiti, Le Rassemblement des democrates nationaux progressistes, the Rally of Progressive National Democrats. RDNP was founded in 1979 by then exiled president Leslie Manigat.

NOTE: After Leslie Manigat, his wife Mirlande Manigat became the Secretary General of the party.


Ex Haiti presidential candidate Eric Jean Baptiste shot and wounded in Carrefour Feuille Monday

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Ex Haitian candidate for President Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel) was shot on the road at Carrefour Feuille Monday Morning, 01 October, 2018. According to his relatives, Eric Jean Baptiste is wounded and has lost a lot of blood, according to news reports. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Eric Jn Baptiste elected Secretary General of Manigat's RDNP Political Party

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat Former presidential candidate Eric Jn-Baptiste has just been elected Secretary General of RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party. more »

SCOOP : Eric Jn Baptiste wants to lead RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat When you think about the RDNP political party in Haiti you think Lesly Manigat and Mirlande Manigat... The next leader of RDNP may soon be Eric Jn Baptiste, the former candidate for president and Pere Eterenel Loto PDG... more »

Haiti - RDNP Political Party Will Not Participate in the 2014 Haiti Elections

Haiti Elecitons 2014 - Mirlande Manigat's political party Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes (RDNP) says it will not participate in the 2014 Haiti elections... Mirlande Manigat says she does not believe the elections will be free and fair... more »