Jovenel Moise was present in Petit Bois the night of the alleged coup d'etat 07 Feb 2021, judge Dabresil said

Yvickel Dabresil, the Supreme Court Judge accused of orchestrating the 07 Feb 2021 coup d'etat against Haiti president Jovenel Moise admitted he saw the president with his own eyes at the scene, in Petit Bois, the night of the alleged coup d'etat.

Feb 7 2021 - Supreme Court Justice Yvickel Dabresil arrested in Haiti Coup Plot against President Jovenel Moise

During a radio interview on radio Mega Friday September 17, 2022, Supreme Court Justice Dabrezil made these declarations:

"Like everyone knows already, these people had in their minds to assassinate the president. They were planning to assassinate me too because, if you say there is a coup d'etat and you bring with you the president himself at the scene of the coup d'etat, this can only mean that they were going to kill me and the president and they were going to say that..."

"Wait wait wait Judge Dabrezil, you are giving a breaking news here," journalist Ismael Valestin said interrupting the judge. "You mean to tell me that on February 7th, 2021, president Jovenel Moise was present at Petit Bois?"

"Yes, yes, I saw him with my own eyes," judge Dabrezil said. "These guys that came with him."

"Who are you referring to?" The journalist asked.

"That guy, Dimitri, the one who was in charge of the president's security."

Judge Dabrezil was referring to Dimitri Herard, the hero of the day who preventing the alleged coup while months later, on July 7th, 2021, he was accused and jailed for assassination of the president.

"He came with the president, she's Justice Dabrezil said.

"But the president was not prudent at all," he continued. "Because if they are giving you a coup d'etat and you willingly allow these guys to bring you to the scene where the coup d'etat was being plotted, it is because these same people who brought you had other things in their minds. They had other things in their minds and I think if they found me that would have killed me and then they would say there were people with me and there were exchanges of gun fire and the president was hit. Then they would turn around and kill everybody to cover it up. Nobody would know anything. Nobody would know the truth about how the president died."

"It is because these people had already planned to assassinate the president and that's why I would love and investigation on the matter. I really want an investigation because I myself would love to know exactly what happened on February 7th 2021, Dabrezil said."

In disbelief, journalist Ismael Valestin asked the same question again to the Chief Justice:

"You are saying Jovenel Moise was there that night?"

"Well I cannot lie about this because I saw him with my own eyes," the judge replied.

"You spoke to him?"

"No I did not speak to him but from where I was standing inside the house I was able to see him through a window standing in the middle of the guys that brought him."

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Subject: Jovenel Moise was present in Petit Bois the night of the alleged coup d'etat 07 Feb 2021, judge Dabresil said edit

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