Palais National - Haiti National Palace

Manifestation in Haiti - Rony Timothee says: We have to enter the National Palace!

It is a day of street protest in Haiti and opposition leader Rony Timothee said live on the radio: "Rendex-vous in front of the national palace. We have to enter the national palace."

Meeting of Dialogue at Haiti National Palace between the 3 powers after Nov 18 Protests

Haiti National Palace: A working meeting was organized following the 18 November 2018 street protests between President Jovenel Moise; the Prime Minister, Jean-Henry Céant; the president of the Court of Cassation and the Superior Council of the Judiciary, master Jules Cantave; Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert and Speaker of the House of Commons Gary Bodeau.

Journalist evaluates President Jovenel's old Cabinet Members

A lot of people in president Jovenel Moise's cabinet were not doing anything for him in the first place, Haitian journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles said as he valuated the performance of some members.

SCOOP: Haiti - 17 USGPN agents banned from entering the grounds of the National Palace

A security detail leak at the Haiti's national palace revealed 17 of president Jovenel Moise's security agents are banned from entering the grounds of the palace. Listen to this AUDIO...

Installation of Haiti PM Jean Henry Ceant at Palais National Monday

Newly ratified Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant will be installed Monday, September 17 2018 by the president himself, Jovenel Moise, at the National Palace.

Haiti National Palace Reconstruction to Begin Soon

Good News... Haiti will soon have a newly reconstructed National Palace... Haiti president Jovenel Moise says a new Presidential palace will be constructed and will look identical to the one destroyed in the January 2010 Haiti earthquake before his term expires.