Haiti MINUSTAH: Sandra Honore to brief UN Security Council one final time

Sandra Honoré, head of the outgoing United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is scheduled to brief the UN Security Council one last time.

FLASH : Haiti MINUSTAH - The Brazilian Troops are finally Going Home!

Brazil President Michel Temer announced Monday that his Brazilian soldiers from the UN Stabilization Mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) will begin to return home at the end of the month...

MINUSTAH Leaving Haiti, Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon visits Northern Police Unit

The UN Peacekeeping forces are leaving Northern Haiti for good Thursday June 15. Haiti police chief Michel Ange Gedeon made a quick visit to the city of Cap-Haitien for a tour of the former headquarters of MINUSTAH in Cap-Haitien, now under the control of UDMO, the Departmental Law Enforcement Unit.

Haiti - From MINUSTAH to MINUJUSTH, a new Mission for Justice Support

The UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti is ending but NOT everyone is going home... The UN Security council authorities a new Mission in Haiti, this time it is for justice support.

MINUSTAH Finally Leaving Haiti - UN Security Council votes to end Haiti peacekeeping operation

The United Nations Security Council voted Thursday to end a 13-year-long peacekeeping operation in Haiti. MINUSTAH is finally leaving Haiti...

Haiti Elections - Manifestation CLASH with MINUSTAH, Rocks Thrown, Tear Gas

Haiti Elections Update -- An opposition anti-election protest Wednesday ended up in a clash with MINUSTAH according to news reports... Protesters thew lots of rocks at the UN peacekeeping soldiers who in turn retaliated with lots of tear gas...

FLASH: Haiti - Sandra Honore herself is BLOCKING Moise Jean Charles Path to the Presidency, Moise Says

Haiti Elections Update -- Opposition Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles made a serious accusation Thursday saying It is Sandra Honoré herself, the head of the MINUSTAH Mission in Haiti who is BLOCKING path to becoming the next president of Haiti...

Haiti - United Nations Warning: Things may get worse in Haiti during Election Season

Haiti is still unstable and things may get much worse in the days leading to the next elections, a United Nations (UN) report says... As their MINUSTAH troops are consolidating and leaving Haiti, the UN makes this really bad prediction for the country...

Senate Moise Jean-Charles mande pou MINUSTAH kite Haiti san kondisyon e imediatman

Responsab MINUSTAH yo presante yon plan de retrait pou fòs multi-national la bay Sena Repiblik Haiti a nan yon rankont jounen Mercredi 28 Me 2014 la. Senatè Moise Jean Charles pa dakò ak plan de retrait saa... Li mande pou MINUSTAH kite peyi a san kondisyon e imediatman...

Heyyy... Did Haiti's Senate President just ask Chile to Orchestrate a Coup d'Etat against Martelly?

Mezanmi... Read this and tell me what it says... "Jorge Pizarro, le Président du Sénat du Chili, a reçu une lettre de son homologue haïtien, Simon Dieuseul Desras, le Président du Sénat et de l'Assemblée Nationale, qui explique que devant une crise constitutionnelle imminente, il demande aux troupes chiliennes de s'opposer au gouvernement haïtien, dirigé par le Président Michel Martelly, pour « défendre le peuple haïtien assoiffé de démocratie contre les excès d'un pouvoir totalitaire et arbitraire. »"