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Haiti - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime wants President Privert to STAY in power until elections are held

"President Privert does NOT have a [120 days] mandate," Haitian Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime said, "He [Privert] has a mandate to organize elections... The National Assembly will decide, IF there is a national assembly..." more »

SCOOP: Haiti - PM Evans Paul does NOT want to Resign, Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime says

Haiti Transition 2016 update --- Prime Minister Evans Paul does NOT want to resign from his post in order to allow another prime minister to assume the role in the transition... This is what Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aimé said according to more »

Haiti - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime Announces Operation BARE Vole, a LAVALAS Movement

Haiti Elections Update -- Fanmi LAVALAS Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime has announced the launch of a new operation called "Operation BARE Vòlè" following the release of the definitive presidential elections results that kept Lavalas Candidate Maryse Narcisse in 4th position as before... more »

Haiti Senators propose Desras Simon Dieuseul as Prime Minister

Have you heard? A number of Haitian Senators propose that Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras become the Next Prime Minister of Haiti... more »

RUMOR: Evens Paul will be Installed Friday as Prime Minister of Haiti

There is a rumor circulating in Haiti that Haiti Prime Minister nomimiee Evans Paul will be installed sometime today, Friday 09 Jan 2015... more »

Haiti - Police Chief Godson Orelus NO SHOW in front of Senate Justice and Security commission upsets many

Haitian police chief Godson Orelus was supposed to present himself in front of the Senate Justice and Security commission Wednesday 04 Nov 2014... The chief of police did not show up... The senators are pissed off... more »

Haiti - Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime fache Senate group 5 yo pa demisyone...

"Mwen achte champay mwen," Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime di, "M-ap tann Senate group 5 yo demisyone, jou a rive, epi mwen we yo pa demisyone..." more »

Haiti Politics - YES we are KAMIKAZEs, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime says...

The battle of words are steaming up in Haitian Politics... Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime was not very happy to hear himself and his fellow group of 6 Senators being called KAMIKAZEs... In his reply, he reffered to Pierre Michel Brunache as "un petit fonctionnaire de la Primature" who he should not have replied to... But, I guess words hurt and he replied anyway... LOL... more »