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Haiti CEP President Shocked USA don't want to Support Elections in Haiti

Leopold Berlanger - CEP President Leopold Berlanger, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP) is very surprised that the United States refuses to finance the Haiti elections do-over... Berlanger says: "We find it bizarre that they -- The United States -- don't want to support the democratic process." more »

FLASH: Haiti - USA will NOT give a dime for Haitian Elections

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government The United States of America announced they will not give a dime to help Haiti in the coming elections... No way the USA will give money for elections simply because Haitians want to do it over... more »

Will USA Finance another Presidential Election in Haiti? Kenneth Merten Answers

Jovenel Moise, Kenneth Merten, Jude Celestin Something to think about... The United States of America dished out 33 Million dollars to finance elections in Haiti that has official been stamped "NULL AND VOID" by the new electoral council (CEP)... SO... Do you think they will do it again??? more »

UN chief Ban Ki-moon says: Haiti can 'ill afford' prolonged period of transitional governance

Haiti President Martelly and Ban Ki-moon Following the release of the elections verification report, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says Haiti should definitely not enter a prolonged period of transitional governance because it will cause problems... more »

Haiti President Privert Travels to New York on Official Business...

Haiti President Jocelerme Privert ap Kite Peyi a Haitian President Jocelerme Privert and the First Lasy left the country Wednesday in a trip to New York to participate in a the signing ceremony of the Paris climate agreement (COP21) at the United Nations... more »

Haiti Politics - USA Kenneth Merten Issues a Threat to CUT Off Haiti Elections Funding IF...

Jovenel Moise, Kenneth Merten, Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update - In an interview to Voice of America Creole, USA official Kenneth Merten said the Haitian government needs to hurry up with the elections process or risk loosing the elections funding money that come from the USA and the international community... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Americain di YO PA VLE Commission de Verification

Haiti Politik - Sa Blan Di? Haiti Elections Update -- Dapre dènye nouvel Jounalis Gary Pierre Paul Charles bay sou radio SCOOP FM, Americain yo di YO PA nan Commission de Verification... more »

USA Welcome Haiti Agreement to Ensure Continuity of Governance

U.S. Department of State Seal on the Haitian Flag Haiti Transitoin 2016 -- Read this press statement from the U.S. Department of State released 07 Feb 2016 in regards to the Agreement between out-going president Michel Martelly and the Legislative branch... more »

FLASH: Shots Fired Near Haiti Parliament Building, US State Department Issues Warning Message to US Citizens in Haiti

US OSAC Warning - Shots Fired near Haiti Parliament The United States Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) has just issued the following Security Message for U.S. Citizens in Port-au-Prince Haiti: Shots fired at protest near Haiti Parliament around 3pm. Avoid area per US Embassy Haiti... more »

Haiti-USA : Kenneth Merten says Let the Haitians Decide on their Next leader...

Jovenel Moise, Kenneth Merten, Jude Celestin Haiti Transition 2016 -- Kenneth Merten told the Associated Press he hopes Haitian negotiators can soon find a "good solution that gives everybody something of what they want but that moves Haiti forward. Washington does not have a desired outcome, Merten said, "The U.S. wants Haitians to democratically decide on their next leader and "not to have a small group of people deciding the country's fate..." more »