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Haiti - Senior US Official Fears the Worse in a Government of Transition after Martelly

Jovenel Moise, Kenneth Merten, Jude Celestin Former US Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten says it is very likely that a transitional government take over Haiti after Martelly... "Realistically speaking," Merten told Reuters, "We may be looking at some sort of temporary solution until there is a handover to a new elected president." more »

Haiti Elections - CANADA says elections is essential to Haiti's stability

Stephane Dion - Canada Minister of Foreign Affairs Haiti Elections Update -- Canada regrets the lack of willingness to achieve consensus in pursuing the electoral process, which has resulted in the current crisis and to the suspension of the electoral calendar. Concluding the second round of presidential elections is essential to Haiti's stability and to the upholding of Haitians' democratic rights... more »

Haiti - The LAMBERT Brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas, are now Foreign DIPLOMATS

Brothers Joseph and Wencesclass Lambert - Senators Of Haiti Haiti Diplomacy -- Former Senator brothers Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert, both of whom lost in the Senate election in Sud-Est Haiti are now DIPLOMATS... Yes... Joseph Lambert is now "Ministre Conseiller" at the Embassy of Haiti in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic... Wencesclas Lambert is the new head of the Haitian Consulate in Turks and Caicos Island... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Heavily Criticized for Meeting Danilo Medina on Dominican Territory

President Martelly and Danilo Medina Haiti-Dominican Crisis Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly is on the HOT SEAT today... Martelly is being criticized heavily by the Haitian Media for, first, requesting a meeting with Dominican President Danilo Medina AND then holding that meeting on Dominican territory in order to discuss a decision that Haiti made to block the entry of 23 Dominican products through the border... more »

FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Meeting with Danilo Medina in Barahona

PHOTO: President Martelly Rencontre Danilo Medina a Barahona DR Haiti-Dominican Politics update -- President Michel Martelly has just posted a photo of him in a meeting with Dominican president Danilo Medina in Barahona, Dominican Republic... For a bilateral meeting, they say... more »

Haiti Diplomacy - Ambassador Pamela White gave her last press Conference in Haiti

Ambasadè Pamela White ap bay Dènye Conference de Presse li avan li Kite Peyi a... US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White gave her last press conference as Ambassador of the US to Haiti earlier this week before leaving on September 13, 2015... more »

Haiti Government will NOT Apologize the Dominicans, Communication Minister says

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Haiti Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. made it clear that the Haitian government will NOT apologize to Dominican Authorities over the immigration crisis dialog can continue... It is the Dominican Government who has to get on board and continue with the dialogue... more »

Haiti must Apologize to Dominican Republic for Deportations smear campaign, Dominican Authorities said

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Haiti Immigration -- The Dominican Republic wants Haiti to apologize for making the Dominican government look bad over its controversial immigration immigration policy... The Dominicans refuse to resume dialogue with Haiti until a formal apology is received, a Dominican news agency reported Tuesday. more »

Haiti - USA : Marco Rubio to hold Senate hearing on Haiti

PHOTO - US Senator Marco Rubio and Haiti President Michel Martelly US Senator Marco Rubio, who chairs a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Western Hemisphere affairs, has invited the outgoing State Department Haiti special coordinator, Thomas Adams, to provide an overview at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday... more »

USA says NO to One-Man Rule in Haiti come 12 Janvier 2014

Handshake - Haiti President Martelly, USA President Barack Obama The United States is calling on Haiti's politicians to make the necessary compromises to avoid one-man rule by President Michel Martelly on Monday, and the country slipping deeper into political chaos. more »