Governments of Haiti

Another rendez-vous at Haiti's Senate Thursday for the ratification of PM Lapin and his government

The ratification of Haitian prime minister Jean Michel Lapin which has been like a circus act at the Senate of the Republic is about to happen again this Thursday at 8am.

Official - New Haiti Government Jovenel-Lapin, 8 old ministers renewed, 8 new ministers

Here is the official list of all the ministers that will make up the new Haiti Jovenel-Lapin Government with Jean Michel Lapin as Prime Minister of Haiti according to a decree published in the Official State Journal Le Moniteur Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Haiti - List of Ministers of the Cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant released

A new presidentiel decree has been released maning a list of ministers who will make up the cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant.

Haiti - 4 Ministers in the Jovenel-Lafontant government appointed without 'decharge'

The word 'decharge' has resurfaced once again in Haitian politics. Four (4) mimisters if the government of President Jovenel Moise and Prime minister Jack Guy Latontant were not discharged of their previous management were they were accountable for public money (comptables de deniers publics).

Haiti Government - 5 new ministers join the Jovenel-Lafontant administration

There has new government shuffle within the Haitian government. Five (5) new ministers join the Jovenel-Lafontant administration. Here are their names and who they are replacing

Haiti: President Jovenel Moise decides to reshuffle the government, Journalist says

Finally, President Jovenel Jovenel has decided to reshuffle the Haitian government, according to a tweet from Journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles (GPPC) of radio Scoop FM.

Haiti Justice - Two Ministres of the Jocelerme Privert Administration slapped with a Detaining Order

Port-au-Prince government commissioner Ocnam-Clamé Daméus issued detaining orders (interdictions de départ) against former Privert administration ministers Yves Romain Bastien (Economy & Finance Minister) et Camille Edouard Jr (Justice Minister).

Haiti New Government Ministers Installed - Administration Jovenel Moise-Lafontant is in Gear

There were lots of speeches (discours) all over Port-au-Prince Haiti Wednesday, as Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant went around installing his new ministers... Anpil Francais parler...

Haiti :: List of Ministers in President Jovenel Moise - Jack Guy Lafontant Administration

Here is the list of all the Ministers of the President Jovenel Moise / Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant Administration:

Haiti Transition - New Government Ministers Installed same day as Prime Minister

Haiti Transition Update -- Many new government Ministers, if not all, were installed immediately after the installation of new Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles...