Senator Don Kato to Core Group: "Take Jovenel Moise to your country and place him as your leader"

Senator Don Kato told his militant "don't listen to any Core Group hoping for a dialogue with Jovenel (President Jovenel Moise). Core Group should just take Jovenel Moise and and place him as the president of their country."

Senateur Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy
Senateur Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy

"If you love him that much, Core Group, take Jovenel, go home with him and put him to lead," Kato said, but us Haitians, we are tired. It's over!

"Core Group, it's over! The people of Haiti do not like Core Group," Kato said" because they now they are responsible for all that is happening in the country right now

Haitian Creole: Men Zin... Senatè Don Kato di CORE Group: Si w renmen Jovenel konsa, pran l, ale avè l nan peyi w, mete l dirije (VIDEO)

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Jean Baptiste Marcellus says...

That's why Haiti is classified as the poorest country in the hemisphere.

You can't govern yourselves.

You haitian people are the most intransigent people l ever known.

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Gerard says...

It could not have been better expressed.

These mindless CORE group people are preoccupied with promoting their best interest, not the interest of a better Haiti, under the guises of mediating a dialogue between their installed puppet and a collection of Haitian leaders.

These CORE group people would never allowed their countries' leaders to be corrupted, ignorant, and an imbecile treating them in substandard social situations.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Core Group sa a, sé yon pakèt vyé massimadi kap mété daypè, kisa k bon nou pansé y ap ofri

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Subject: Senator Don Kato to Core Group: "Take Jovenel Moise to your country and place him as your leader" edit

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