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FLASH: Haiti Justice - Jean Danton Leger resigns as Commissaire du Gouvernement

Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti Justice Update -- Jean Danton Leger has resigned from his post as Commissaire du Gouvernement pres le Tribunal de Premiere Instance de Port-au-Prince... more »

Haiti - Eustache St-Lot, Former BMPAD Director Placed Under Police Custody

Eustache St-Lot, ancien directeur général du BMPAD Haiti Justice Update -- Port-au-Prince prosecutor Danton Leger has decided to place Eustache St-Lot, the former Director of the bureau de monétisation d'aide au développement (BMPAD) is a JAIL cell Friday... more »

FLASH: Haiti Justice - Yo KASE Biwo Commissaire Danton Leger

Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti Justice -- Yo KASE biwo Commissaire Gouvernement Jean Danton Leger nan Parquet Port-au-Prince, se sa li fek anonse sou radio Caraibes FM... Danton Leger di juge de paix sou plas ap fè konsta... more »

FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Leaving the Country at midnight tonight, Depute Danton Leger Says

President Michel Martelly looks tired Ex Leogane Depute Danton Leger says President Michel Martelly is leaving the country at midnight tonight; in other words, Martelly is going into exile... Danton Lerger says an airplane is already en route to pick up president martelly... more »

Haiti - A Transitional Government will Organize the Elections, Depute Danton Leger says...

Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti Elections Update -- Ex Leogane Depute Danton Leger does not believe there will be any elections under the Martelly-Paul government... "A transitional government will conduct the elections," he said... more »

Haiti - Danton Leger says: "I am still a Depute, and I am not Crazy!"

Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti's ex-Depute of Leogane, Danton Leger says he is STILL a depute "en Funciton" and gives former Senate president Desras Simon Dieuseul one week deadline to call a General assembly or else... Kisa??? more »